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Why we should all care about the plight of the honeybee

The recent news that the European Union has agreed to a ban on the use of neonicotinoids, the bee-harming pesticides, is good news for bees and for bee farmers like me.  The announcement, approved by member nations on Friday, is likely to come into force by the end of 2018 and means that bee-harming pesticides […]

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Why is Beekeeping Important?

I’ve been pondering this question for about a week now following a brief discussion with a fellow passenger on a train. The subject turned to bees and they asked me why beekeeping was important – it struck me that while many people may instinctively know that bees are important, they don’t necessarily know why. I […]

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The Bees Don’t Need Saving: #BravoforBees

This may come as a shock and perhaps we might be the least unlikely people you’d expect to say something like this, but: the bees don’t need saving… Don’t SAVE The Bees The hashtag and phrase #savethebees has gained much momentum in recent years. The enthusiasm for saving our bees is based on reporting of the […]

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Bees for Bronco – one of our latest bee-loving clients

Yorkshire based Bronco, a creative digital marketing, has committed to sponsoring a Bees for Business beehive for the next two years. Bronco, which specialises in SEO, website design and development, PPC management, digital media marketing and social media, sees corporate social responsibility as an important part of its business ethos and it supports a number […]

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Fascinating Facts About the Honeybee

Most of us know that honey is good for us but few people are aware of just how remarkable the bee is and just what’s it’s capable of. On our Beekeeping for Beginners courses I get a huge amount of satisfaction watching the child-like wonder spread across the faces of our delegates as they watch […]

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Flying Ethically

We are often asked whether we clip our Queen’s wings. I’m surprised how often we are asked this but also encouraged because it means more people than I imagined are aware of the practice of clipping the wings of a queen bee by beekeepers. It’s a harmless practice in the sense that it doesn’t cause […]

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